Deb Bixler, The Healthy Chef

Deb Bixler is a culinary chef turned passionate speaker.

She started cooking as a part-time job in high school then her passion for food became a career, hobby and lifestyle.
Healthy Weight Loss
Known as The Healthy Chef, Deb is the leading expert in wellness and healthy diets. She has made a full-time career out of the study and pursuit of the art, science and skill of living a healthy life and eating healthy foods.

Deb knows more about food and good food choices than anyone you have ever met.

The Wow! healthy weight loss program and natural food diet is how Deb lives her life and teaches others how to do the same.

Deb teaches fun, fast and healthy cooking and quick tips because if is not fun and fast no one will do it. With a focus on education in the areas of family choices, her programs are engaging and the food is always yummy.

Deb Bixler
Phone: (717) 751-2793

Deb’s personal mission in life is to make a difference in the way children eat now and into the next generation.

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Invite The Healthy Chef To Your Event

Whether you are looking for a cooking class, a “Biggest Loser” game, children’s education or a workshop on increasing your energy, Deb will customize a program for you.

Presenting to clubs, organizations, seniors, schools and corporate America, Deb brings educational wellness programs that are fun, interactive and create an inspiration in the audience to make positive changes in their lives.

She is always invited back for an encore!

Invite The Healthy Chef To Your Event

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